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 Vintage Lace Favor Box Wrap images

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Vintage Lace Favor Box Wrap

Price: $1.20

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Lace details, script lettering, and a touch of floral join to create this Vintage Lace Collection. It is a classic, combining old world charm with modern elegance.Transform a simple box into your own unique style with a variety of color options to choose from. Easy to assemble, simply wrap it around a 5 cm x 5 cm/2"x2" White or Black Paper Box for a trendy and personalized favor box.paper weight - 70 lbsmaterial - smooth text paperimperial - 2 x 8.5"Hmetric - 5 x 12.6cmH
Size: 21.59cm x 5.08cm (H)
Minimum Order Quantity: 10

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Category: Wedding Stationery

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