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 Reef Coral Personalized Aisle Runner images

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Reef Coral Personalized Aisle Runner

Price: $204.80




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Personalized Aisle Runners are a fantastic way to make your ceremony extra special. These Reef Coral Personalized Aisle Runners come with attached cord handles and double-sided adhesive tape to secure it in place along the leading edge. Add instant romance with a sprinkle of rose petals in colors that complement your Day!    What is non-woven fabric?  Non-woven fabric is created using a heat process to entangle fibers. The result is an engineered material that mimics the appearance and texture of sheer woven fabric without being as delicate. Because of this, each aisle runner is resistant to tearing but yet intended for a single use. They are also opaque in nature, letting the natural wood grain of chapel floors and beyond intermingle with your chosen design, adding romance and softness to your wedding aisle.

Size: 1 m (W) x 23 m (L)


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Category: Wedding Aisle Runners

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