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 Paper Airplane Wishing Well Stationery Set images

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Paper Airplane Wishing Well Stationery Set

Price: $21.70

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The First Class Airmail Well Wishing Stationery Set was designed with the globe-trotting couple in mind. The classic look of this travel themed stationery includes a blank side so guests can share their 'Worldly Advice' with the happy couple. Pre-scored folding lines and a tent card with step-by-step instructions make creating paper airplanes out of the stationery easy and fun. Use this stationery in a wishing well or prefold airplanes and use them as place cards. Includes 25 printed sheets for airplanes, 1 tent card with folding instructions

Size: 11 cm (w) x 7 cm (H) x 3.2 cm (D)

Sold in packages of 25


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Category: Wishing Wells

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