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Lavish Monogram Wine Label

Price: $1.20

Package price (8 units): $9.60


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This product is available for sale only in sets of 8 pieces.

In the Lavish Monogram Stationery Collection the main point of focus is of course your monogram. However the unique pattern and color combinations accent the monogram and create a bold and stylish statement. The black and white option provides the feel of classic elegance. Whereas the colored options give you that additional flair. Add personalized flair to your champagne or wine bottles with the Wine Label Sticker. Mix and match with other components in the collection for a cohesive look. material - adhesive label paper imperial - 3.5x5.25"H metric - 8.9cmx13.3cmH

Size: 8.9cmx13.3cmH

Minimum Order Quantity: 24


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Category: Wine Bottle Labels

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