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 Climbing Groom and Victorious Bride Mix & Match Cake Toppers images

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Climbing Groom and Victorious Bride Mix & Match Cake Toppers

Price: $45.20


  price may vary based on groom hair color

  price may vary based on bride hair color


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He's climbed the highest mountain... or cake tier! A whimsical yet modern take on "Rapunzel in the Tower" has the groom struggling to scale a cake tier to reach his cheering bride. This unique figurine is held in place with a porcelain peg that has been added to his elbow. Once inserted into the cake it becomes completely undetectable. Mix and match with our other comical interchangeable cake toppers! MaterialsPorcelain Size: 7.5 cm Long, 14 cm Tall, Weight: 113 g, Base: 5.08


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Category: Wedding Cake Toppers

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